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What Is the GED?

The GED, or General Educational Development test, is a high school equivalency exam that measures proficiency in standard high school-level academic skills. Earning a GED certificate demonstrates that the recipient has the same knowledge and skills as an average high school graduate. 

Over 20 million individuals have earned their GED since its inception in 1942. Annually, approximately 500,000 people take the GED test in the United States, with around 10,000 test-takers in Michigan alone.

What Is the GED?

The GED test comprises four subject areas designed to assess the academic knowledge and skills equivalent to a high school education. It provides individuals who did not complete high school with the opportunity to earn a credential recognized by employers and educational institutions nationwide. The test is suitable for adults and at-risk youth looking to advance their education and improve their career prospects.

GED Testing Areas

To successfully pass the GED test, you need to demonstrate proficiency in four key subject areas. Each section tests different skills and knowledge, ensuring you have a well-rounded education.

Mathematical Reasoning

The Mathematical Reasoning section focuses on basic math skills, algebra, and geometry. You will solve problems involving numerical operations, algebraic expressions, and geometric shapes. Preparing for this section involves brushing up on math fundamentals, practicing problem-solving, and becoming familiar with mathematical concepts.

Reasoning Through Language Arts

The Reasoning Through Language Arts section assesses your reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills. You will read various texts, answer questions about them, and write an essay. Improving your language arts skills requires practice in reading critically, understanding main ideas and details, and developing clear and organized written responses.


The Science section evaluates your understanding of life science, physical science, and earth and space science. You will interpret scientific information, analyze data, and apply scientific concepts to real-world scenarios. Studying for this section involves reviewing scientific principles, conducting experiments, and enhancing your ability to think critically about scientific problems.

Social Studies

The Social Studies section tests your knowledge of U.S. history, civics, geography, and economics. You will analyze historical documents, interpret maps, and understand economic concepts. Preparation for this section includes studying historical events, understanding governmental structures, and familiarizing yourself with economic principles.

Why Is Getting a GED Important?

Earning a GED can significantly impact your life by opening doors to new opportunities and providing a foundation for personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons why getting a GED is essential:

Job Opportunities

Many employers require a high school diploma or equivalent for job applicants. A GED certificate can enhance your employment prospects, qualify you for better job positions, and potentially increase your earning potential. It shows employers that you have the essential skills and knowledge necessary for the workforce.

Basic Knowledge

The GED test ensures that you have a solid understanding of fundamental academic subjects. This knowledge can help you navigate daily life, make informed decisions, and engage in lifelong learning. It provides a foundation for further education and personal development.

Helpful Skills

Preparing for and passing the GED test helps you develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. These skills are valuable in various aspects of life, including work, further education, and personal relationships. The process of studying for the GED also teaches discipline and perseverance.

Further Education

A GED certificate can be a stepping stone to higher education. Many colleges and vocational schools accept the GED as an equivalent to a high school diploma. By earning your GED, you can pursue additional training, certifications, or degrees that align with your career goals and interests.

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