Personalized, one-on-one tutoring for children and adults to bridge the education gap.

Mission And Values

For 175 years, St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center has provided support to the children and families of Southeastern Michigan. We provide educational programs, basic skill building and learning enhancement for at-risk children and adults, designed to build self-sufficiency skills for academic and employment success, personal achievement and dignity.

Our Values – The values of our founders continue to guide the expression of the Centers mission:

  • Simplicity – Honesty, integrity and openness in all of our words and actions
  • Teamwork – Working together in service to others
  • Advocacy – Advocating for those with no voice
  • Inventiveness – Being creative in everything we do
  • Respect – Showing respect for those we serve & everyone we contact on their behalf
  • Service Quality – Providing the highest quality services

How Has SVSF Evolved?

Many people in our community know SVSF and understand its long legacy of service to children and families in Southeastern Michigan. The origin of the Center dates back to 1844 when the organization opened as a kindergarten for orphaned children. Since then, the organization and its services have evolved as the needs of the community evolve, in order to provide caring and compassionate support to Southeastern Michigan. Many members of Metropolitan Detroit interacted with the Center, when it resided in Farmington Hills, serving as a main adoption/foster care facility. However, in 2006, social policies and the economy changed and children were no longer being placed into residential care, but instead were being placed directly into foster care. As a result, the Center made the strategic decision that the best way to continue our mission and to serve as many families as possible, was to return to the roots of the organization – education. To meet the tremendous need, SVSF brought its long history of community support to Detroit and created supplemental educational programs to take some of the load off the shoulders of the residents. For our students and their families, hope is beginning to take root. We are here to give them the tools they need to succeed and to provide opportunities where none existed.

We decided that more people needed to know about our amazing educational support system and that more services were needed to help keep the momentum going for our students. So we created a fully-integrated social work approach to education, which celebrates and respects all aspects of the student. We provide the capacity to break down the barriers that have prevented our students from achieving their full potential. SVSF is here to help children and adults take control of their lives and empower them to see the possibilities for their future.The Children’s Program offers both after-school and summer programs personalized tutoring to prevent children from falling behind and being pigeon-holed later on in life. The Adult Education Program offers unique assistance that is not found in other High School Equivalency programs and our first-time pass rates are exceptional.

For our children, where their education resources aren’t able to meet their needs and for our adult students, who want to change their lives and be able to better support their families. Changing one family at a time – through education. Join us and help to make an impact.