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If you have any further questions regarding our organization:  volunteering, donating, tutoring services for either GED (high school equivalency certificate) or children’s after school program, we would love to hear from you!

Phone (313) 535.9200
GED/Adult Education: Sharon Wheeler – Ext. 501
Tutoring Services: Deirdre Hope – Ext. 400
Volunteering Services:  Deirdre Hope – Ext. 400
Donations/Development: April Patti – Ext. 300
Receptionist: Prentist Parker – Ext. 100
Operations Manager: Ann DeMara – Ext. 101

St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF Center)
14061 Lappin Street
Detroit, MI 48205-2374

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization

For Media Requests, Contact:
Diane Renaud
Executive Director/CEO
Direct Line: (313) 887-1844

April Patti
Director, Development & Marketing
(313) 535-9200 Ext. 300

Got a question?
If you have questions regarding our previous adoptions, foster care, or any of the other services
we provided at our campus in Farmington Hills, please feel free to email me,
Prentis Parker, Receptionist
Please provide for me; your name, email address, phone number and detailed question.
I will return your request as soon as I can.

*** Please Take Note ***
In 2005, due to a failing economy, our Farmington Hills campus had to close  and the organization reorganized and developed new services, to continue to fulfill its mission of helping others through education. St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center returned to its roots and relocated back to Detroit, at our current address.
Then due to changes in national policy, we no longer have any adoption/foster/residency records stored at our facility.  Therefore we are unable to provide you with any information that you are searching for.  The closure of our orphanage/foster care/residency cottages in our residential facility in 2005 resulted in any records being transferred to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as is required under the statute of the Michigan State Law.
Please refer to these two links for the State of Michigan,,5885,7-339-73971_7116_7125-14882–,00.html
M.D.H.H.S  Central Adoption Registry  (517) 335-6075
(Michigan Department of Health, and Human Services)

Or you could visit this website link to request a birth certificate/record: .


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