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Free Children’s Summer Program

Free Children’s Summer Program Detroit

The Summer Learning Program is a series of three sessions, each three-week fundamental learning boot-camps running throughout the summer for eligible second graders through fifth graders (students must have graduated first grade to meet eligibility). These three sessions allow for flexible scheduling around family time, summer activities, and vacations. Registered students will review the basics of grade level concepts to keep their minds sharp and ready, in turn helping to prevent the summer math and reading loss. In addition to helping these children build their reading and math skills, we provide students with experiences that they do not have in their typical school classroom. By supporting these basic educational concepts, students will feel more comfortable learning advanced concepts during the upcoming school year. At the end of the three weeks, each session will celebrate its students through a fun field trip activity.

The children’s summer program consists of:

  • Individual and group learning assistance with grade appropriate lesson plans.
  • Creative and challenging learning activities; educational games and interactive activities that introduce new learning opportunities in reading and math.
  • STEM, urban gardening, nutrition, and social-emotional learning opportunities for additional educational exposure.
  • “Fun Friday” Celebration at the end of session to celebrate student’s successes.

*** Schedule Subject to Change Due to COVID-19 Outbreak ***

Program Requirements:

  • Completion of first, second, third, fourth or fifth grade during the previous school year.
  • Please register early. Space is limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • FREE: No cost for the program, but consistent attendance is mandatory.
  • Transportation to and from the Center is not provided during the summer program.
  • Children are provided a meal each day.
  • Parent can answer yes to the following statements to determine basic eligibility:
    • My child enjoys reading and being read to.
    • My child would benefit from individualized reading and math assistance.
    • My child demonstrates the ability to function positively in individual and group settings.
  • Mandatory parental support:
    • Assures consistent attendance.
    • Encourages and supports student participation and learning.
    • Willingness to communicate regularly with staff.


To register for free children’s tutoring, please visit our Main Campus at 14061 Lappin Street, Detroit, MI 48205-2374 to complete a Children’s Program application, (online applications are not available at this time).

If you have any questions please contact the Children’s Program Director,
Michael Mroz at (313) 495-0465 or email him at

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