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Free Adult GED®/High School Equivalency Program

What Is The Adult GED® Program?

The Adult GED® Program at St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher Center is a free, personalized tutoring program that focuses on helping Detroit area adults (age 18 or older) to become more self-sufficient and contributing members to the community and economy, through education. Our process works, because not everyone learns at the same pace or has the same comprehension capabilities. We help the students to learn, not just pass the GED®.

Even though a student may have finished the 11th grade, doesn’t mean that they have an 11th grade skill level, according to national standards. Therefore, a student taking a standardized GED® test without being at a uniform comprehension level, means low pass rates. And, if a student isn’t adequately prepared to take a standardized test and they do not pass, it adds to the student’s frustration and the increased probability that they may drop out.

Our staff has created a program that is different than other GED® programs, with success rates that you won’t find in other GED® preparation classes. And the reason is simple. We approach each student’s individual learning needs from a social work perspective. We identify the areas in which they need assistance and work to overcome barriers that have prevented them from reaching their goals.

When an adult obtains their GED®, they are better positioned to obtain secure and stable employment. This economic empowerment is critical for the residents of our area. 80% of our students have told us that they are seeking their GED® in order to better support their families.

A GED® helps the adult, helps the family, and helps our community.

How Are We Different Than Other GED® Programs?

  • We aren’t a “class” – For many students, classroom settings are not conducive to learning and this is a contributing factor to why they did not receive a high school diploma. Our instructors work one on one with the student and encourage their self-motivation.
  • We don’t have a deadline – Our students don’t have the pressure of taking the GED® after a class session finishes. They take the test when they are ready and they can take as much or as little time as they need to become prepared.
  • We personalize student learning – Through our assessment segment, we treat every student as an individual, tailoring the program to meet their own educational needs. Some students need less focus upon reading and more upon math. Others have more challenges with writing. Each student’s work plan is constructed to emphasize their strengths and work to meet their challenges. Our students don’t work from the same book at the same time. They work at their own pace.
  • We identify if there is a barrier to learning – The Adult Program is not “one size fits all”.  Different students need different motivation, types of assistance and varying degrees of emotional support. Our staff works with each student to identify if they have a barrier to learning that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. And the results of improved self-esteem, empowerment, knowledge and earning potential, are well worth the effort.
  • We don’t stop with the GED® test – When our students pass the GED®, we want to keep the momentum going. So we work with our graduates to provide their “next step”, whether it is guidance in options and introductions to higher institutions of learning for continuing education, looking for work or obtaining vocational training. The important aspect that we actively encourage is to keep going to truly change the economic stability of their lives for themselves and their families.
  • We pay for it – In an effort to reduce some of the barriers for our adult students, we provide the following assistance for students that comply with the requirements of our program (such as attendance, studying, etc.):
    • Registration and Results – the process of enrolling for a test and/or getting test results can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our staff will facilitate not only the registration for the test, but also work with the testing center to get the test results as quickly as possible.
    • Testing Fees – We pay for the testing fees. There is no charge to enroll in our program. The only cost to the student for our program is that they are required to purchase their own GED® coursebook (currently $15.00).
    • Transportation – We arrange transportation to and from the testing center for our students.
  • SNAP BRIDGE CARD – If you are a SNAP recipient or SNAP eligible, you qualify for a special accelerated program.  Please contact us for more details.

The Process

The four segments of the GED® are: math, language arts reading and writing, social studies and science. Statistics verify that math is the most difficult of the four segments. So we provide special support for math skills. Here’s how our program works:

  • Information Session – Students are informed on how the program works, as well as the commitment required, including materials and participation.
  • Assessment – Our program focuses on the critical element of determining where each student’s previous education left off. From that, we develop a personalized program, at a level of understanding that will ensure the student’s testing and learning success.
  • Work Plan – Each student receives their own work plan, based upon the outcome of the Assessment test, their individual needs and learning abilities. Our staff and trained tutors work with each student one-on-one, to overcome challenges and achieve results. Students consist of three fundamental groups:
    • Pre-GED® – Students that have entered the program with reading and math abilities that have not gone beyond a qualified sixth grade level.
    • GED® Preparation – Students have obtained the required level of education (7th-12th grade) and begin preparation for taking the actual test, which consists of five separate testing segments. Preparation includes academic skill building, practice tests and coaching on what they will face in the testing environment itself.
    • Testing – Actively taking the tests and/or re-testing in problem segments.

Are you ready to take your GED Test? SVSF Center is proud to announce the public opening of our GED Testing Center at our Main Campus located at 14061 Lappin Street. Here’s how…

  1. Visit
  2. Create a FREE account
  3. Once your account is created, the system will allow you to schedule your test.
  4. Go to “Take the Test”
  5. Enter the Zip Code 48205
  6. Select “SVSF Center” and select your desired test date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to create an account on to schedule my test?

Yes. will not allow you to schedule the test unless you have an account. The account is free and you don’t have to purchase any of their products to schedule the test.

Does SVSF Center provide test preparation?

Yes. SVSF Center provides FREE GED Test preparation. You will need to contact the Center separately to get enrolled in our program, again, our services are free.

Will SVSF Center provide assistance if I am unable to create my account on

Yes. If you encounter challenges creating your account on, our staff will make every effort to help you create your account so you can get scheduled.

Call 313-535-9200, or come on in during
an information session to see for yourself
how the program works!

Note: St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher Center reserves the right to discontinue a student’s participation in the program and strict standards are maintained in terms of attendance, participation, dress code and behavior while in our facility.

Campus Locations

East Campus (Main)
St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center
14061 Lappin St., Detroit, MI 48205
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Midtown Campus
COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter)
26 Peterboro St., Detroit, MI 48201
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North Central Campus
Brilliant Detroit
16919 Prarie St., Detroit, MI 48221
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North Central Campus
U of D Jesuit / Johnson Rec. Center
8550 Chippewa, Detroit, MI 48221
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How We Know Our Program Works

The typical student passes all the segments of the GED on their first try only 20% of the time. But because our program is focused on learning and not just passing a test, our students are better prepared and more successful when they take the GED. How do we know? Because we monitor our results. Our students pass all segments of GED on their first attempt 95% of the time.

Our results are different than a typical GED prep program, because our program is different. Call or come in and see for yourself!

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